Currently our primary client is Lancet Technology Inc, USA. Along with them, we help about 500 trauma hospitals in the USA collect and manage their data.

The Major Products we work on now are:

Trauma One

TraumaOne on the surface is a Trauma Hospital or Trauma Registry Solution. It serves to create and manage data for a trauma hospital.

However, as part of the product, beneath the surface lies a unique set of tools that help us mould the product to the needs of virtually any trauma hospital regardless of what data it needs to collect, its size, processes, needs etc.

This modifiability is what makes it an especially unique product in the market.

So, whether for a small rural hospital or a gigantic trauma registry chain, it can meet and
serve your needs.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Free data conversion from existing system
  • Support for level I, II, III and IV trauma center requirements
  • Suitable for single facility, county-wide or state-wide implementation
  • Easily submit data to NTDB and any other mandated registries
  • Automated ICD-9-CM coding, AIS-90 scoring and injury severity scoring
  • An exhaustive list of included standard reports
  • Real-time CQI audits
  • Extensive security controls
  • Easily interfaces with existing systems
  • Easy to use, customizable data analysis and reporting
  • Total customizability. Design screens to look like your existing screens or forms.
  • Easily integrated into current workflow processes.
  • Supports the latest hardware and technology including WiFi and Tablet PCs
  • Securely stores data in either a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database
  • Zero footprint (with optional Access Anywhere component)
  • Web based (with optional Access Anywhere component)


The Los Angeles County Trauma and Emergency Medicine Information System (TEMIS), developed in association with Lancet, is our largest multi-institution system. It monitors the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response for the entire county of Los Angeles. TEMIS serves 28 paramedic base hospitals, 13 trauma hospitals, and 65 EMS providers. This is the largest integrated EMS/Base Hospital/Trauma system in the world, with over 750,000 patient records handled annually.


Fire EMS

Similar to TraumaOne, FireEMS is a data management solution for Emergency Medical Services (Fire-fighters, EMT, Police etc). Again, it's a solution that works for small rural agencies or large county's that serve millions.